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Fair TaleGhana

Fair TaleGhana partner NGO Mondo, tiny Estonian non-profit organization, has been supporting education in Kongo village since 2009.  Thanks to them, 145 kids are in school, who otherwise couldn't afford it.  And the great results are visible by having many talented kids going to universities.  Some who have already graduated from universities are back in the village and are now teaching the next generation.  

WHOW of NY would like to support and be part of this amazing transformation.  Click on the button below to find out how to be part of this beautiful journey.  Together, we can make a difference and we might change someone's future in the process.

You can also read more about the organization at  

Gerber Finance Foundation

Gerber Finance Foundation's aim is to help all members of our communities thrive. We leverage expertise and access to provide hunger relief for children in the suburbs of our NYC headquarters.  For our inaugural program, we are partnering with HOPE Community Services of New Rochelle to start the HOPE-full Kids Program, providing bags of breakfast and lunch foods for children in need on school holidays, when school meals are unavailable, leaving some children with nothing to eat. We are committed to ensuring that the pantry’s children have access to food to support their growing minds and bodies.
Through Gerber Finance Foundation’s efforts, over 5,000 bags are expected to be distributed through the HOPE-Full Kids Program during the 2018-2019 school year

To read more about Gerber Finance Foundation or donate, follow the link

Go with Courage

"Go With Courage, Inc" is a 501 (c )(3) not for profit charity created by Robyn Jaslow in 2011, in order to fund critical cancer research, and in an effort to help affected families. Together with her sons, David and Evan, and her husband, Howard, each of whom play an integral role, we began raising money to fund specific, targeted cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Breast Cancer Research Fund, as well as continued to support The Lustgarten Foundation and The American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. With the help of family, local business donors and sponsors, friends and students, we have held numerous social events throughout the years which included: card/mah jongg parties, shopping events, casino nights, and participated in Champions for Charity and numerous Lord & Taylor Shop Smart Do Good Charity Days. We have the support of many local student sports teams, which enjoy wearing pink for breast cancer awareness as they raise money for our cause.  WHOW of NY, Inc honored Go With Courage during a networking event by donating proceeds of each tickets to the organization. 

You can read more about Go With Courage or make a donation, follow the link

Avon 39 Miles Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness

WHOW of NY is proud to support the Avon 39 Miles Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness that takes place in NYC every October.    Athina Koutsoumadi, one of our Co-Founding members has walked for the last 9 years for all those amazing women out there that fight every day, for all those near and dear to our hearts who suffer, lost the battle or survived to tell their stories, for those who never gave up, took each treatment with tremendous strength and courage and went back for more.  She has raised over $60,000 from 2008 to 2017.  Unfortunately, Avon39 no longer exists as an organization, effective March 2018.

Let's Get Ready

Our nation faces a huge educational achievement gap. Only 47% of low-income high school students enroll in college compared to 82% of their high-income peers. Additionally, 11% of students from the poorest families complete a four year college degree within six years compared to 79% from the wealthiest families. Closing our nation's achievement gap is both a moral and economic priority.


Let's Get Ready, a nonprofit organization that supports first generation college-bound and low-income high school students through the college-going process addresses the inequalities and obstacles low-income students face in attaining a college education, empowering them to reach opportunity and success.


For more information about Let’s Get Ready go to

Safe Birth Kits

The Safe Birth Kit is the result of a pratnership between two recognized leaders in women's global health.

  • Birthing Project USA - An award winning 501c3 that improves health outcomes for pregnant and parenting African American Women and their children

  • AYZH - A social venture providing health and livelihood solutions to impoverished women worldwide.  They provide low cost "kit style" products, assembled and packaged by local women, creating economic opportunity in the communities they serve.


The Safe Birth Kit includes a clean pad to give birth on, medical soap, gloves, a clamp to secure the baby's cord and a sterile blade for the umbilical cord.  Over 10,000 have been sent in several countries and your contributions can help save 2 lives; mother and baby.


For more information and to make a contribution, go to

Honoring a Survivor

As a not-for-profit, WHOW of NY aims to support and endorse a diverse syndicate of charities and nonprofit organizations focused on women's issues. However, this year, due to the devastation from Hurricane Sandy,  WHOW of NY, wanted to concentrate its efforts on the Hurricane Sandy victims.  Rather than donating money to the Red Cross or other Sandy relief organizations, we wanted to directly help one of our own.  We've heard many heart breaking stories and after months or searching, we've identified one family; the family of Marina Vydro.  On July 18, 2013 we hosted an event in her honor.


She is a loving mother to her twin boys, Liam and Adam, wife to husband Edward and an AVP in Middle Office Trade Support with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  The same week Marina and Edward welcomed to the world their new babies, Marina's mother was diagnosed with spinal cord infraction and her uncle had a heart attack.  When Sandy hit, on October 29th, 2012, her boys were just 5 weeks old.

As Marina sat on the 3rd floor of her house, clutching on to her babies, watching bungalows and roofs float by her window, she prayed.  The numerous relocation efforts that followed landed her twins in the ER of Maimonides Hospital just 6 days after Sandy.  They were admitted with 104+ fever and possible internal infections.  Following a nail biting week in the hospital, they moved into a rental apartment, where they remained until Christmas Eve day when they were allowed to move back into their home.​ 


​They have yet to see any financial assistance. Home insurance doesn’t cover anything that was submerged by water, which is essentially everything considering they had over 8 feet of standing water on their street for more than 12 hours. Their flood insurance carrier is not returning their calls and FEMA has closed their claim since they technically have flood insurance. Furthermore, they may not even qualify for FEMA’s assistance, so their only remaining option is an SBA loan.


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